currents - art and music
CURRENTS - Art and Music

CURRENTS invites contemporary artists and musicians of international reputation to its Beijing location for one to two-month residencies. CURRENTS facilitates and increases interaction between the Chinese and international art and music communities.

Fostering exchange and exhibitions of Chinese contemporary art in Brazil and Brazilian contemporary art in China.

501(c)3 status was granted to Currents - Art and Music in August 2009, so that donations can be made in the US to Currents, which Currents can use to fund artists in residence overseas, and/or for projects to be created in other countries, as an Operating Foundation.

People Behind Currents

Sarina Tang

Sarina Tang is the founder and director of Currents - Art and Music, which, among other goals, focuses on stimulating the exchange between the art worlds in China and in Brazil. Ms. Tang is an art historian and curator, born in Shanghai and brought up in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She studied history of art at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris, France. Since the late 70s, she has surveyed contemporary art in Brazil, and since the late 80s, in China, and the international exhibitions in Venice, Kassel, Muenster and Biennials in different countries. Based in New York, for decades, with homes in Lucca, Italy, and Rio de Janeiro, and from 2005 until recently, in Beijing.

Amongst her significant projects was Roy Lichtenstein's last commissioned Sculpture Plaza in Singapore, and curating 'Roy Lichtenstein - Landscapes in Chinese Style', exhibitions at the Singapore Art Museum and the Hong Kong Art Museum in 1998.

In addition to being a curator, she is a philanthropist, on the board of Independent Curators International, and a member of the Library Council at Moma, New York.

Through Currents Art and Music, she has hosted 8 artists from Brazil in China, Song Dong and Yin Xiuzhen in Brazil, and 4 curators from China in Brazil.

Her passion for new music lead her to be the executive producer for 'The Bonesetter's Daughter' with the San Francisco Opera Company, based on Amy Tan's novel of the same name, with composer Stewart Wallace. In 2012-13, she co-produced 'Feng Yi-Ting' with composer Guo Wenjing, at Spoleto Festival USA, and then Lincoln Center Festival as well as the Luminato Festival in Toronto.

Members of the Board

Christopher Enock
Barbara Hoffman - Secretary
Marie-Monique Steckel - Treasurer
Chen Shi-Zheng
Sarina Tang - President

QIAO Xinyue
Production Coordinator

Qiao Xingyue is an independent filmmaker, photographer and graphic designer. He has worked as a cameraman for Sun Network Television and writes, directs and shoots his own film projects. In 2006, Qiao worked with Thinking Hands as a graphic designer.